Your Contribution Makes the Difference!

The generosity of the members and friends of our Lodge has made it possible to provide invaluable support and assistance to so many individuals. These include deserving young people who are awarded Lodge scholarships, veterans who need a helping hand and those afflicted with autism, Alzheimer’s, cancer and Cooley’s Anemia. In addition, the Lodge helps meet community needs that arise during the year.

We are proud of the fact that every contributed dollar goes to these programs – not overhead or administration. Helping others was the very reason for the founding of OSIA in 1905. It is still one of the pillars of our mission. There are several ways for making a gift to the Lodge:

Annual Fund

Your contribution at any time during the year helps assure that the Lodge’s programs that serve others will continue and grow. A contribution of any size is welcome.

Scholarship Sponsorship

For a minimum contribution of $500, you can sponsor a scholarship. For a three-year commitment of $500 per year, the scholarship will bear your name.

Event Underwriting

Throughout the year the Lodge presents several events that focus on our heritage. Members and guests support these events by purchasing tickets. Funds generated thorough underwriting go directly to the Lodge’s public service programs. Your business will be recognized in promotional materials and at the event. In addition, you may distribute marketing materials to the attendees.


Your ad in the Lodge’s newsletter or on our website is an inexpensive way to gain exposure for your business with our members and those who visit our website. .

The Lodge Heritage Fund

The long-term future of the Lodge and its important work will be supported through this Fund. There are many ways you may contribute. Many are tax-advantaged for you. These include charitable remainder trusts, insurance policies and bequests. The Lodge is prepared to guide you in selecting one of the many options available.