Who We Are

About Us

The Sgt. Frederick M Bonanno Lodge of the Order of the Sons and Daughters of Italy in America has been committed to our Italian-American community for over 40 years, marked by our dedication to preserving and promoting Italian culture, heritage and food.

We have formed a strong relationship with the Italian Studies Program of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.  We participate in many of their programs including Italian film festivals, symposiums, exhibits and concerts.  Annually, we cook a big Italian dinner for the students of Italian Studies, which has come to be known as “Nonna Night”.

Being Italian, food is often the star at our monthly meetings. We feature Pizza Night, Pasta Night and Mozzarella Night during our spring meetings.  While we don’t formally hold meetings in June, July and August, we still meet each of those months at a luncheon to eat together and keep in touch.

We do other things besides eating – like bocce, local excursions, game night, and local plays and concert outings.

Our philanthropy includes support for cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism and Cooley’s anemia.  We also award scholarships for higher education for children and grandchildren of our members.

As we like to say – we’re not a club we’re una famiglia!

Won’t you join our family?